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David Penrose, Treasurer 


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Cochise County Democratic Party

400 W. Fry, Suite 11, Sierra Vista, AZ 
PO Box 3233
Sierra Vista, Arizona 85636

You Are The Future Of This Movement!

Are you a Young Democrat?
  • Between the ages of 14 and 36?
  • Civic-minded and ready to fight for progressive ideals which will make Cochise County (and beyond) a better place?
  • Ready to work hard and with integrity to spread the word and help grow the movement here at home?
  • Willing to organize with others at your school, college, and within your peer-group to register others to vote and promote Democratic Ideals?
  • Able to work productively with others to form a consensus, develop policy, and exchange ideas with the county party to help us grow? 
  • Motivated to step up and make change happen here in Cochise County?

If you will be 18 years of age by the time of the next election, which is May 21st, 2019, then you are eligible to register to vote here in Cochise County.

Every election is important, whether it be Federal, State or local.  While the 2019 elections in Arizona take place in a so-called "off year," it's important to remember that when it comes to pushing for a better world, it starts at home.  We don't take years off, and you shouldn't either.

Former Speaker of the House Tip O'Neill used to say, "All politics is local," and he was totally right about that.  There are issues that affect both the state and county, as well as our local communities and we need you in the fight with us.  When more people vote, Democrats win.  We need to spread awareness of our policies, debate and defend our ideals and not only vote, but get others to do the same. 


It's called activism, and it's how every major positive change happens.  It takes energy and effort and the conviction of our beliefs to get things done.

Sometimes it's easy to get discouraged or feel like you're alone, but you're not alone.  There are others in Cochise County, like you, who want to move forward towards progress.  All it takes is a bit of courage to finally step up.

We need your unique perspective, your skills, your hard work and your voice!