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Donations are always appreciated. With your donation, you can help support us from maintaining the office to helping our efforts countywide. You can also donate to the Arizona Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee, Arizona Democratic Party, or even the Democratic Party itself.


To the CCDP

Now as we prepare for the non-stop year of campaigning to promote progressive ideals and candidates for offices at every level, we're asking for your help to fund our headquarters!

To the DLCC

The infrastructure we’re building right now to win in 2020 needs your support. Help us elect more Democrats.

To AZ Dems

Here at AZ Dems, we are running a round-the-clock, seven-days-a-week kind of operation. That means we need your support every month.

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Need some cool Yard Signs for your organizations  or  for your own yard - Click on Donate and order your signs to proudly display your cause.

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