U.S. Extends CDC Health Protocol To Speed Deportations At The Border

The U.S. government has extended for another month the health protocols it used to quickly deport people crossing the border illegally. The order will remain until May 20 at least. The order is slated to be published Wednesday in the Federal Register and calls for the prevention of entry of anyone from any country where a communicable disease exists. "Since the March 20, 2020 Order, rapid testing for COVID-19 has been developed that can provide results in approximately 15 minutes and manufacturers are currently ramping up production and distribution of rapid COVID-19 testing. Although rapid COVID-19 testing could ameliorate some of the public health concerns associated with congregate detention in DHS border facilities, rapid COVID19 testing is not yet widely available, and demand outstrips supply," wrote Robert McGowan, chief of staff for the CDC. "Moreover, once it is available, rapid COVID-19 testing should be prioritized to certain key locations, such as hospitals treating high numbers of COVID-19 patients, where the ability to quickly determine whether doctors and nurses have been infected with COVID-19 could increase the availability of care providers by eliminating the need for these individuals to self-isolate while awaiting test results," he wrote.

To read the full complete article, please click here.

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