Trump Awakening The ‘Sleeping Giant’ Of Latino Voter Engagement In Arizona

PHOENIX ― Even as Donald Trump’s campaign boasts about “expanding the map” this year to win Minnesota, Oregon and New Mexico ― states he lost in 2016 ― the president recently found himself campaigning to hold the home state of Barry Goldwater, John McCain and Sandra Day O’Connor.

“We love to be back. We will be back a lot,” Trump promised a roaring crowd of 15,000. “And with your help this November we are going to defeat the radical socialist Democrats, and we are going to win Arizona in a landslide.”

Yet Trump’s very presence at the Veterans Memorial Coliseum at the state fairgrounds suggests that outcome is by no means guaranteed ― particularly in an increasingly Latino state where a Democrat in 2018 won a U.S. Senate seat for the first time in 24 years and another one took the key secretary of state’s post.

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