Social Security Insurance Tax Opt Out Plan

Employers are now given the option of participating in the Republican plan to allow employees to opt out of paying into the Social Security Insurance Tax; therefore, fulfilling the promise of a tax cut. This is conveniently taking effect just prior to the presidential election and, in my estimation, severely threatening the future viability of Social Security.

President Trump cares nothing about Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and other benefits supported and relied upon by the American people for decades.

I fear the overwhelming significance of this issue has not received enough publicity, commentary, and discussion. The American way of life is at stake. Remember: The Social Security Insurance Tax will have to be paid and thus will become a liability in the later months. While on the surface your income will increase, the loss of funds going into Social Security will decrease thereby affecting the future fiscal health of this retirement account. As an additional note, this accounting ruse does nothing for those that have lost their jobs and are unemployed.

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