Sinema urges more relief for counties and tribal communities

WASHINGTON – Arizona senior Senator Kyrsten Sinema urged Congressional leaders and Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin to include dedicated, flexible funding for state, local, and tribal governments with less than 500,000 residents in the next coronavirus emergency funding package.

“Every week I hear directly from Arizona mayors and county leaders about the need for immediate support to keep our communities safe, healthy, and economically secure. Congress and the Treasury Department must ensure Arizona’s smaller communities receive their fair share of funding so all Arizonans have the support needed during this public health crisis,” said Sinema.

 Sinema’s letter comes after hearing direct concerns from over 200 mayors and county leaders that they are forecasting revenue declines of over 20% due to the coronavirus pandemic, severely limiting their ability to provide essential services to their residents.

 Sinema previously urged Treasury Secretary Mnuchin to quickly issue guidance on how Arizona can allocate coronavirus funding for counties and cities with less than 500,000 residents and ensure rural communities get their fair share of coronavirus-relief funds. Sinema also helped secure a number of priorities in the sweeping coronavirus-response CARES Act law, including a $150 billion relief fund for state, local, and Tribal governments, $55 billion more in investments in hospitals and health care workers, and an increase in unemployment benefits.

To read the full complete article, please click here.

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