Older voters put Donald Trump in the White House. Now some are having second thoughts

PEORIA, ARIZ. — Calvin Eng has little use for politicians. Democrats just want to tax, he said. Republicans just want to cut.

It seemed to Eng that Donald Trump was different than the usual run-of-the-mill candidate. So in 2016 the registered Republican, who considers himself more an independent, voted for Trump.

He won’t do it again in November.

The president’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic has been terrible, the 62-year-old Scottsdale anesthesiologist said, and he’s shown absolutely no empathy for protesters peacefully demonstrating against police brutality.

“Maybe it’s a personality flaw,” said Eng, who plans to take a closer look at Democrat Joe Biden. “Or maybe he was too spoiled growing up.”

The disenchantment of older voters like Eng is further jeopardizing Trump’s difficult reelection prospects, undermining his support in key states with large senior populations such as Florida, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and here in broiling Arizona.

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