NY Times Bombshell - Trump paid $750 in Income Taxes

  • Every year, hard working Americans scrimp and save and toil over paperwork to pay their federal income taxes. President Trump paid just $750. 

  • President Trump only sees the world from Park Avenue. He looks out for the stock market but looks down on workers and middle class families struggling to get by.

  • He’s used his power as President to expand the very same types of loopholes he exploits to get out of paying his fair share. That’s why his 2017 tax cut overwhelmingly went to support the top one percent and major corporations. And, why he’s already proposing another tax cut on capital gains that would only benefit the super wealthy. 

  • Over nearly four years as President, he’s done almost nothing to help working people get ahead, and now he’s even refusing to sit down with Congress to negotiate critical economic relief and assistance to get working families through this pandemic. 

  • Biden sees the world from his hometown of Scranton, Pennsylvania and those are the values that Biden will bring to the White House


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