New documents show Juan Martinez fighting to keep his job

Juan Martinez was dismissed by the Maricopa County Attorney's Office in February for alleged 'retaliation' against women who had filed complaints about him, saying Martinez had said inappropriate things to them while they were at work. In his appeal, Martinez's attorney from Copper Canyon Law states those allegations were already proven wrong during an internal investigation, despite that Martinez had received a formal reprimand and discipline for the actions. Martinez has also been under fire for his actions during the Jodi Arias trial. State bar charges filed against him indicate he leaked sealed information to a blogger whom he was having an affair with, during the sentencing phase of the Arias trial. In his appeal, Martinez's attorney states the State Bar of Arizona dismissed the complaint in 2018. His lawyer states there is no just cause for Martinez's termination. The attorney goes on to say that Martinez's integrity, impeccable reputation, and 30-year career have been "irreparably tarnished" by Kenneth Vick, his supervisor, and MCAO.

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