FBI: Arrests made in 'violent extremist group' investigation involving Arizona

By: abc15.com staff , Zach Crenshaw

PHOENIX — The FBI announced Wednesday that four arrests have been made amid the investigation of a violent extremist group with a connection to Arizona.

During a press conference Wednesday, officials said the arrests were made during the joint investigation involving Washington, Texas, Arizona and Florida.

The investigation reportedly involved "racially motivated violent extremists from across the U.S...charged today in U.S District Court in Seattle with a conspiracy to threaten and intimidate journalists and activists," officials say.

The defendants charged in the conspiracy include: Johnny Roman Garza, 20, of Queen Creek, Arizona; Cameron Brandon Shea, 24, of Redmond, Washington; Kaleb Cole, 24, of Montgomery, Texas; and Taylor Ashley Parker-Dipeppe, 20, of Spring Hill, Florida.

The defendants reportedly used an encrypted online chat group to identify journalists and others they wanted to intimidate who they thought "threatened their ideology," officials said Wednesday.

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