Can college students get a refund for housing and meal plans? At UA, yes. At ASU and NAU, no

The move to online-only classes for the rest of the semester because of COVID-19 has left many dorm rooms empty and meal plans unused. Students and their families wonder if they can get some money back as the economy suffers and many face layoffs and shortened work hours. At Arizona State University, students who have left the dorms to return home will not be getting housing refunds, nor will students at Northern Arizona University. But at University of Arizona, they will be getting some money back in their accounts. At Grand Canyon University, students can get some money back for meals, but not housing. Students at ASU and at Grand Canyon University have created separate online petitions to demand refunds for housing and meal plans now that most are not living in the dorms. Some students pay thousands of dollars for housing and meal plans each semester. ASU's policy detailed on its coronavirus webpage says the university is focused on the health and safety of the university as well as continuing operations to provide education to keep students on track during the COVID-19 disruption.

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