Arizona would welcome the Republican National Convention with open arms, GOP leader says

In light of reports noting reluctance on the part of certain public officials in North Carolina to proceed with a fully attended Republican National Convention this August, the RNC should consider this an invitation to hold the nominating convention in the great state of Arizona.

Here in Arizona we have extensive experience in hosting large events with considerable security requirements. We have hosted Super Bowls, the World Series right after the 9/11 attacks, NBA All-Star games and the collegiate basketball Final Four. All these events were noted for how smoothly they transpired.

We have multiple venues that could serve the needs of the convention. We have the Veteran’s Memorial Coliseum where President Trump has staged successful rallies, another basketball arena and a hockey arena. We also have Chase Field, a baseball-sized stadium and State Farm Stadium, which is sized for professional football. The latter two both have retractable roofs so they can be used either in the open air, or with climate control.

To read the article, click here.

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