Arizona lawmakers considering doubling the gas tax

PHOENIX — State lawmakers are considering a bill that would do something that hasn't been done in Arizona in almost 30 years: increase the gas tax.

HB 2899, proposed by Republican Rep. Noel Campell, would double the gas tax over the next three years for standard passenger cars. The tax would increase 6 cents per year:

2021: 24 cents per gallon

2022: 30 cents per gallon

2023: 36 cents per gallon

Owners of electric and hybrid vehicles would have to pay an annual tax.

For electric vehicles, the fee starts at $111 in 2021, then increases to $139 in 2022, then to $166 in 2023. For hybrids, the annual tax is $45 in 2021, $56 in 2022 and $67 in 2023.

After 2023, the taxes will be adjusted to reflect inflation.

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