Arizona gets a C-grade for social distancing

ARIZONA, USA — The state of Arizona has received a C-grade for social distancing from a recent study. The website gave the average grade after a study it conducted using phones to track distancing measures. The Norwegian data service uses location data from phones to figure out how close people are to each other. The website has graded countries, states, and counties on social distancing. They are the ones that have Arizona a C. The United States as a whole received a C grade. 48 states received a C or below. Only Vermont (B-) and Nevada (B+) did better than C. Maricopa County, Arizona’s largest population center and the county with the highest number of coronavirus diagnoses, received a D grade for social distancing. The website used cell phone location data to determine change in average mobility (using distance traveled), change in non-essential visits, and difference in encounter density, and it used those measures to give out grades. The site’s privacy policy says it only used cell phone location data from consenting users.

To read the full complete article, please click here.

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