Arizona Department of Revenue audit reveals it has $17M in overpaid taxes waiting to be claimed

PHOENIX - FOX 10 has uncovered Arizona's Department of Revenue has assembled a task force to fix a multi-million dollar problem. An audit revealed $17,000,000 in unclaimed property can’t be searched for by taxpayers.

It’s not known when the department will fix the computer issue, but it wants to solve it fast so it doesn’t continue to happen next tax season.

It may feel like a gift to see your name on unclaimed property website, but it’s your money out there in the world waiting for you to claim it.

Now, more than 46,000 Arizona taxpayers are unable to collect their money due to a computer issue.

According to an auditor general report, an issue with the 20-year-old computer system is preventing $17 million in overpayments from being searched on the unclaimed property portal.

That’s an average of almost $400 per person.

"The department does not take this situation lightly," said Ed Greenberg with the Department of Revenue, adding, "It is a priority to clear up the back log."

To read the full article, please click here.

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