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 Please, send us a message telling us what got you interested in politics. We want to know what causes you want to support and how we can help you make this a stronger community.

Waiting To Respawn's Story

I realized I was bisexual when I was maybe 14, and nonbinary when I was 16. Even with a family who tries to be progressive, I still experience plenty of biphobia and transphobia. Mostly it's online, but even within my own home there are instances of the casual, normalized lgbtqphobia that most cisgendered, heterosexual people don't even think about. It sucks a lot, so because of that LGBTQ+ rights are a huge issue for me. Both in a legal sense, and in a normal, everyday sense. Beyond just letting us marry and not banning us from certain jobs and whatnot, far too often I see people angry at LGBTQ+ people simply for existing, and so I try to do my best to do my part in normalizing acceptance as much as I can. Educating those who ask for it online, casually inserting LGBTQ+ characters into my fiction to make it seem more normal, anything I can think to do I try to.

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