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David Penrose, Treasurer 


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Cochise County Democratic Party

400 W. Fry, Suite 11, Sierra Vista, AZ 
PO Box 3233
Sierra Vista, Arizona 85636

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Why It Matters:

The Cochise County Democratic Party is dedicated to spreading the values of our party across the entire county, promoting candidates and initiatives which support progress for the community, protection of our natural treasures, and the innate dignity of our population.

We battle fear with hope, ignorance with knowledge, manipulation with fact, and apathy with activism.

We organize to inform the public about who we are and what we stand for.  To grow the voter rolls of this county so that our message, our core values, can affect real change, here and beyond the county line.

We are committed to this cause, regardless of the election results, because it matters.  We know that this cause is more than political; it's moral.  That's why we're here, why we won't back down, and why we need your help.

When you contribute to our local party, you're supporting everything we do.  You're playing an important part in our mission.  You're taking a stand and motivating us to continue standing up for you.

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