Martha McSally: Trump Approved, Voter Rejected.

Trump gives McSally his "full and complete endorsement."

Months after being hand-picked by Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell to finish out the rest of the late Senator John McCain's term in the US Senate, Martha McSally's shown us exactly what sort of Senator she would have been if she'd actually been elected in 2018.  Trump and McConnel are doubling down on their investment.
The evidence speaks for itself and it doesn't paint a pretty picture.  The facts are that McSally continues to ignore the will of her constitutes, the people of Arizona.  Instead, she'd gone out of her way to support bills that only serve to benefit her dark money donors, the Republican Party establishment, and Donald Trump's twisted vision of America.  She lacks the courage to stand up for what is right, or even face the voters and hear their concerns here in Arizona.  


Instead, she holds meet and greets in her D.C. office, making it very difficult to get a sense of what matters to the average Arizonan.  That's no surprise to the voters of Cochise County.

If you want to know how McSally is going to vote on this or any other major bill in the senate, all you have to do is check Trump's tweets.  Despite claiming to be an independent voice, and pledging bipartisanship for Arizona, her voting record proves otherwise.  She's an easy Yes vote for Trump's agenda, and wrong for Arizona.

That's why Arizona voters rejected McSally in 2018, that's why we have to send her that same message again in 2020.
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