Madison's Story

My name is Madison Moredock, I’m 16 years old and I’m currently an intern at the Cochise County Democratic Party. Growing up, I was really poor and my father was really abusive towards my mother. This caused a lot of hardships in my life because we were constantly moving to try to stay away from him. At one point I remember having to move to a women’s shelter with my older sister and mom because he tried to kill her. Even though the weapon he used was a knife, it could’ve been worse if he had access to a gun. That’s why I strongly support the Democrat's viewpoint on gun control. This is partly why I joined and started looking into the Democratic Party. I want to be able to better our laws on guns. That’s why I support the Democratic Party because they support gun control legislation that includes registration/background checks for every person who purchases a firearm in any store. 

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