Sara's Story

I am an immigrant and the daughter of an immigrant. No matter which country I am in, I will always be the daughter of an immigrant. And it's thanks to that status that I have been able to work hard to get to where I am. While that may seem strange, in holding that status, I felt that somehow I had to prove to myself and to my peers that I deserved a place in this country. It's due to being an immigrant, to being the daughter of an immigrant, that I have achieved the American dream. I have achieved reaching higher education. I have a car, a phone, a laptop. I even have health insurance. And while I do not own a home, I don't have to worry about where I'm going to sleep the next night. Nor do I have to worry about when the next meal will come. I have a steady job and a source of income to keep me floating. I have had opportunities. I've had the opportunity to travel. I even have the opportunity to decorate my home with plants and art. Not everyone else has this opportunity though.


Not everyone else can afford to live the American dream. And not everyone else may even get a chance. I was asked of a quote that best represents who I am and right now as I am who I am at this very moment, the best quote that represents me is "my silence serves no one." by Luvvie Ajayi. And while she was talking about movements in the past and being comfortable with being uncomfortable when you have to speak the truth, I find that quote resonates within me. You see, I have the ability to speak up where others cannot. I have had the chance to go and advocate, to go and speak to my Representatives face to face. I have had the ability to ask for what I need. And as I come into this world as an educated adult, I plan to continue using that voice that was given to me by my parents. I will continue to use this voice to not only ask for what I need but for what those who cannot achieve the American dream need so that they too will one day live that dream that this nation holds so dear, and in turn help others achieve it as well.

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