Jacklyn's Story

When I was 7 my mom had custody of me so I was away from my dad and brothers. My mom and I lived with my nana in these apartments. I would always get a little sick because my nana would make us sleep on the floor and she would always stay up smoking. Sometime I would have to go outside because there would be so much smoke in the house. My mom would never let me be a kid. She made me live the way she did. She wasn’t a good parent to me. She would make me walk four miles to get to school and back. She would even forget that I was at school and I had to walk home by myself. My mom made me think every food I got was poisonous so I never really ate anything and that's why I’m a picky eater. She was never really there for me the way my dad was. So I was happy when my dad got custody of me. That’s why I support the democratic view on custody law and rights. That’s why I support the Democratic view on child poverty. Instead of throwing money at the issue, they want to provide more education and more jobs to lower-income children. This can make a tremendous difference if we are able to do it. That’s why I support the Democratic Party. 

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