Cochise County Candidate List

The Cochise County website is the place to go for the most accurate information on local candidates. We will link to the AZSOS when they have a final list posted for State/Federal. Some are still in court. No city/county candidate challenges are pending. Please share this info with your members and invite them to follow the county facebook page for up to the minute info. or search facebook for CochiseCountyAZ

The following link takes you to the website with the latest and current information. Some candidates that filed a statement of interest never filed nomination papers and should be removed from the lists. Two were removed for court challenges and will not appear on the ballot. Those two are ineligible to run as write in candidates in those races. Please update your lists accordingly and check back for write in candidates. The deadline for write-in candidates is June 23, 2022. So far there is a write in candidate for Constable 4 (Willcox).

What’s on my August Primary Ballot? The final list for Federal, state, county and city candidates, including write-in candidates can be found on the Cochise County Elections Department website page Lists are updated as candidates file to run or withdraw from races. The icon on the home page for elections

When you click What’s on my Ballot? You get options format for County and City. The write in/Withdrawn list gets posted on the website and at each vote center. Nothing is sent to voters with their ballot about write in candidates.